Sunday, 29 July 2012

Craft Project- Treasure Box!

Treasure Boxes

My treasure box!

Do you have lots of little treasures and nowhere to keep them? Well, here is how to make your very own beautifully decorated treasure box.
You will need:
-a little cardboard box (from craft or bargain stores) mine is about 6cm wide at the top but you can use any size.
-some acrylic paint in any colour you like.
-some double sided sticky tape
-a pretty picture or two
-some glitter
-some felt
-glue stick

Treasure box materials!
What to do:
Take the lid off the box and paint the top with the paint. Do 2 coats and it will look great. Let it dry between coats. Stick your pretty pictures to the top where you would like them. Stick double sided tape around the edge of the lid. For a tiny box like mine you only need one row of tape. For a box with a wider edge put more rows of tape. Put a heap of glitter on a piece of paper. Take the paper off the double sided tape that you have put on the box edge and dip it into the glitter to coat it. Cut a piece of felt to fit in the bottom of the box. 
Now all you need to do is add your treasures!
The ones I sell include a tiny doll and a list to write your treasures names on!! 
Happy crafting!

Mathilda's Market August 19 2012

I am really busy at the moment preparing lots of special dolls  to take to this fantastic market being held in Hobart on Sunday August 19 (9.00am- 1.00pm). This market is really special because you can find unique goods for kids and babies. Stallholders are carefully handpicked so you are guaranteed to find something special! I will certainly be bringing some new and special things that I have been working on! More news on this later!
So, see you at Mathilda's market Sunday August 19 at The Old Woolstore, 1 Macquarie St. Hobart. Entry is free!! More info and sneek peeks of other stallholders at

Monday, 23 July 2012

Salamanca Market July 28, Aug 4, 11

Hi, good news doll fanatics! I will be at Salamanca Market for the next  3 weeks in the same site. So if you would like to see or buy some of Pansy Fern and April's lovely dolls come and see me at site #259 at the silo end of the market. This site is backing onto the lawns and about 3 sites from the very end of the market. Salamanca Market is held every Saturday in Hobart from 8.30am- 3.00pm. 
Another exciting event on at Salamanca this weekend (July 28 and 29 2012) is the Dollhouse and miniature Fair which will be held in the Long Gallery in the Salamanca Arts Centre (10am-4pm). Just a hop skip and a jump from my stall! So come and check out both of us next Saturday!
Oh, and my Treasure Box project will appear here next week! I have lots of dolls to make this week as I got a super big order on etsy!- not much time for project writing Sorry! Don't forget you can buy my dolls at too if you can't get to the market!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Salamanca Market July 21 2012

Pansy, Fern & April dolls will be at the market this weekend again! I have a site in the middle aisle of the flat part of the market. It is site #281 and is just near the entrance to the Salamanca Arts Centre. I will be bringing all of the ballerinas, fairies and pirates I can make and my new item this week will be Treasure Boxes. The lovely little boxes will be decorated and will include a little doll for the start of your treasure stash! And.... next week I will be including the directions on how to make your own treasure box at home!
See you at the market! Dress warmly!
Salamanca market is open every Saturday from 8.30am - 3.00pm in Hobart Tasmania. For more information

Beechworth Fabric & Fibre Award 2012

There is an exhibition of the fantastic entries into this competition currently. It is being held at the Old School House Gallery in Beechworth, Victoria. (17 Loch Street, Beechworth) The exhibition features entries into the categories - Garments, Accessories, Textile Wall Art and Sculpture. It has been organised by Sandra Godfrey from  the Old Schoolhouse Gallery and is sponsored by the Indigo Shire Council.
The opening was July 9 2012 and the exhibition runs until 29 July 2012. The competition was judged by Claudia Chan Shaw who is a well known fashion designer and was one of the presenters on the much missed 'Collecters' program on ABC TV.

My entry was into the Sculpture section and most wonderfully I won the prize for this section!! I made a little sculpture called 'Flora Adorned'. She is approximately 20cm tall and is made from cotton fabric and fully covered with hand embroidery using cotton and rayon threads. I also applied some velvet and satin ribbons. Her head piece was made by stiffening cotton threads. Above you can see a full view of her front and a detail of her back. I had a great time making her (except for slightly sore fingers from embroidering into corners!) and was really pleased with the result! Especially the winning part!!
The Artist's Statement that went with her was:
"Physical beauty is important for more than just human beings. Flora loves to look beautiful but the flowers she adorns herself with also benefit from their natural beauty."
So, if you live near Beechworth or are heading that way, have a look at the exhibition and say hello to Flora for me!
You can get more details from Sandra Godfrey at the gallery on (03)57251342 or The gallery also has a website:

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Craft Project- Make Party Food for your Dolls!

Firstly I would like to let you know Pansy, Fern & April dolls will be at Salamanca Market in Hobart again next Saturday 14th July 2012. I have a site opposite the Salamanca Fresh Fruit Market backing onto the lawns.(site #170) Hope to see you there- rug up warmly!
Now to make your hungry little dolls a fantastic high tea fit for a royal occasion!
The materials I have used are felt (dark brown, light brown, cream, pink, bright pink, red and pale green), sequins (red, gold, green star, green flower), seed beads (gold, red, green, pink), tiny pom poms (8mm pink, blue, and white), a ribbon rose, some toy filling and threads (cream, dark brown).
In the picture you can see all of the pieces cut for, from back left and going clockwise, layer cake, swiss roll, cup cakes, cherry tart, Christmas pudding, ice creams, and in the middle, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches!
For the layer cake cut: 11 squares of  felt (3.5cm square), 1 bright pink, 1 red,1 light brown & 8 dark brown.
For the swiss roll cut: 2 rectangles of felt (9cm X 4cm) 1 light brown & 1 red
For the cupcakes cut: 3 circles of pale pink felt (1.5cm diameter)
                                 3 circles of cream felt (1.5cm diameter) and then 3 more a little smaller and 3 more a  little smaller than that.
For the cherry tart cut: 3 circles of cream felt (3.5cm diameter) and cut a hole in one piece (2.5 cm diameter hole)
For the Christmas pudding cut: 1 circle of dark brown felt (9cm diameter)
For the ice cream cones cut:3 pieces of cream felt (quarter circle shape with both straight sides 2.5cm long)
For the sandwiches cut: 12 squares of felt (1.5cm square) 6 cream, 3 green & 3 bright pink
To make:
The layer cake: stack the pieces as shown in the picture and stiitch through all pieces with brown thread. Stitch right through the middle first and then up & down around the edge stitching a ring of gold sequins to the top as you go. Finally stitch on a ribbon rose if you wish.
The swiss roll:Lay the red piece on top of the brown piece and roll them up together. When you get to the end cut off any red that pokes out and stitch the long edge of the brown felt to the rest of the cake by oversewing.
For the cupcakes: for each cake, stack the 3 cream pieces and 1 pink piece and stitch right through from bottom to top with cream thread. Stitch a pink bead to the top.
For the cherry tart: Stack the 3 pieces of felt as shown in the picture & oversew right around through all 3 edges with cream thread. Stitch red sequins to the centre of the tart. Each sequin is held on with a red seed bead.
For the Christmas pudding: Using brown thread stitch a gathering thread around the edge of the circle. Pull up the thread to make a sphere and put some toy filling inside to make it nice and fat. Add 3 green star sequins to the top and some red, green & gold beads all over as fruit.
For the ice cream cones: For each cone, fold the felt in half and use cream thread to stitch the straight sides together to form a cone. Fill with a little toy filling and top with a pom pom which you can stitch to the edges of the cone, stitching through the middle of the pom pom and through the edge of the cone. Stitch a seed bead to the top.
For the sandwiches: Stack the pieces as shown in the picture and stitch through the middle from top to bottom. Stitch a green flower to the top of each sandwich.

Now the dolls' party is ready! Arrange it nicely for them on any little plates or doilys you may  have and have a lovely afternoon!