Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Salamanca Market Nov 3 2012 & Nativity

Pansy, Fern & April dolls will again be at Salamanca Market this Saturday. My site is this time at the silo end of the market- in the centre aisle at #269 about 6 sites in from the end. I will have lots of my usual story book sets plus Christmas angels! Yes Christmas approaches!
The Nativity

Jesus & His 12 Disciples
I have been working on some dolls for an order- part of which was a full Nativity set including Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus in a manger, the angel, 3 kings, 2 shepherds, a donkey, cow and sheep. You can order this if you wish at a cost of $100.00. It looks really great and unlike many Nativity sets, children can play with all the characters with no worries that they may break!
I have also done a set of Jesus and His 12 disciples. All the costumes were based on the Da Vinci painting of the Last Supper! You can also order this for $110.00. Oh my gosh I got good at making lots of tiny little sandals!
See you at Salamanca or visit my etsy page to see & buy lots of little dolls! http://pansyfernapril.etsy.com

Monday, 22 October 2012

Salamanca Market Oct 27 2012

Pansy, Fern & April dolls will again be at Salamanca market in Hobart this week! I have a stall near the Davey St. end of the market. I am #11 so count 11 stalls down from the top and there I'll be! There are maps of the market available now by the way- get them at the entrances to the market or the info point opposite the Salamanca Fruit Market.
Twenties Lady- handpainted doll

French Lady & Brunhilda handpainted dolls
I may not have a huge amount of stock this week as I am working on a large order of dolls for a school. I will be bringing though some of my embroidered items that I don't usually have room for and also some of my painted dolls. The ones you can see above I sell for $40.00 (twenties lady) and $35.00 (French Lady & Brunhilda).
So, come along and see some different things this week or of course see my little dolls at my etsy page- http://pansyfernapril.etsy.com

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Salamanca Market Oct 20 & Christmas dolls!

Yes Pansy, Fern & April dolls will again be available at Salamanca Market in Hobart this Saturday. I have a centre site (#145) out the front of Irish Murphy's Pub. I will have lots of the old favourite ballerinas and storybook sets and am also gearing up for Christmas with lots of Santas ($10.00), Mrs Santas ($10.00), Christmas fairies and elves ($7.00)! Also I am making Nativity sets in 2 sizes- little sets in display boxes ($25.00) and full size sets (12cm dolls) for $35.00. These Nativities both have Joseph, Mary, Baby Jesus, manger and Donkey. I can do a larger set to order. This includes the kings, shepherds, more animals and the angel and costs $100.00. 
Remember if you are coming to the market for something specific please contact me and I will save it for you. Otherwise you can order and buy from my etsy page at http://pansyfernapril.etsy.com
Hope to see you on Saturday!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Salamanca Market Oct 13 2012 & Tassie tiger & devil

Next Saturday October 13 I may be at the market! Don't you know?  - I hear you say! Well actually I am on the waiting list once again. Being a priority casual at the market means you will probably get a site but there are no guarantees! The market becomes busier in the good weather and there are more traders attempting to attend. Well it's all good fun and I will be there if I can. You are most welcome to phone or text me on the morning of the market after 8.30am and I can tell you if I have a site and where it is. Phone 0427154517.
The good news is that there are 2 new members in the Pansy, Fern & April stable of dolls!
Tassie Devil & Tassie Tiger
In response to customer request I have created a Tasmanian Devil and a Tasmanian Tiger. They are made from wool and pipe cleaners so they are bendable and safe to be played with by children over the age of 3 years. They are also nicely packaged with a scene of the Tassie bush landscape so they make a fantastic souvenir or gift for interstate friends or relatives. Send someone a little critter to remind them of Tassie!