Friday, 14 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Pansy, Fern & April dolls would like to wish all customers (and recipients of lovely dolls as gifts!) a very Merry Christmas! We hope all those lucky children who received my little dolls as gifts really love them as much as I have loved creating them! And.... I must say I think there are more doll recipients in the world this year than there have ever been before! Judging by the number of dolls that I have made this year- I have not stopped creating for weeks! Batch after batch of dolls have emerged from my studio! Wow, now I know how Santa feels!
I won't be at another market (ie Salamanca Market in Hobart) until after Christmas. But if you are in Hobart and would like to buy some Pansy, Fern & April Dolls you can now find them at The Wilderness Society Shop at The Galleria Arcade, 33 Salamanca Place. I am taking some more in this week (on Tuesday 18th) so race in there to buy!!
If you are in Adelaide, South Australia, you can find Pansy, Fern & April dolls at Dulwitches gift shop at 97 Devereux Rd Linden Park.
And if you are in the north of Tasmania you can find Pansy, Fern & April Dolls at a lovely shop in Latrobe called Reliquaire!
Of course you can still order from my website too at
Have a lovely Christmas and hope to see you soon at Salamanca Market in Hobart or at The Kingston Beach Handmade Market. ( see for more info)
Pansy, Fern & April dolls' Nativity Set
from Jenny of Pansy, Fern & April Dolls also known as "one of Santa's newest elves!"