Thursday, 25 January 2018

Salamanca Market January 27 2018

"Absence is to love what wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small, it inflames the great." -(Bussy- Rabutin)

'Pansy, Fern & April' dolls won't be available at Salamanca Market in Hobart this Saturday. Sorry doll lovers but the extreme weather we are experiencing makes outdoor markets a bit of a challenge. Heat waves and little dolls (and the small woman who makes them) aren't a good combination!
Hopefully I will be in attendance next week. 
I will  however be working on my entries for the Huon Art Awards which are coming up soon. I am making a hand painted and embroidered doll this year as well as a painting. I used to make lots of these dolls years ago and thought it would be great to revisit. The picture is of one I did called 'Birdwatcher'- I did her a few times in different colour combinations. The blue one was based on the blue wren and the red was based on the crimson rosella.I make the body from calico and paint the details in acrylic paint. The clothes are hand embroidered and stitched on. I developed a technique where I paint and then varnish with waterbased varnish. Before the varnish is completely dry the surface becomes sort of pliable like leather so you can stitch the clothes on. If you leave it too long it hardens and becomes almost impossible to stitch through. This year I will be creating one based on the colours and features of one of the flowers native to these parts- the Tasmanian Waratah. 
"Birdwatcher"- (Acrylic & Textile- 55cm tall)

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